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What We Do

We address human trafficking from a holistic cultural perspective, in which culture is the foundation and supplies the perpetuation of these horrific crimes. We stress awareness for prevention, educating communities for protection, training law enforcement and governments for prosecutions, and collaboration with survivors and other entities for partnerships globally to end this pandemic crime. 


Our mission and purpose are to end human trafficking and exploitation globally by raising awareness, supporting, and learning from survivors to advocate for systemic and cultural changes. We strive to create a world where people live with dignity, respect, and FREEDOM. Collaborating with community partners, law enforcement, governments, and non-governmental entities to protect our communities, hold traffickers accountable, and provide justice for survivors.

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Important facts about Human Trafficking

Combating human trafficking requires a multi-faceted approach that involves survivors, governments, civil society, and international/national organizations working together.


1. Human trafficking
Human trafficking is a global issue, affecting millions of people around the world.



2. Exploitation
It involves exploiting individuals for labor or sexual purposes through force, fraud, or coercion.


3.Forced to Work
Victims of human trafficking are often forced to work in industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and domestic work.



4. Billions of Dollars
The illegal trade of human beings generates billions of dollars in profit for traffickers and their networks.



5. Crime and Corruption
Human trafficking often involves complex networks of organized crime and corruption.



6. Marginalized Communities
The majority of human trafficking victims are women and children, particularly those from marginalized communities.



7. Global Pandemic
The global pandemic has exacerbated the risk of human trafficking, with many people facing economic hardship and increased vulnerability to exploitation.



8. Protecting Victims
Anti-human trafficking efforts often focus on preventing trafficking, protecting victims, and prosecuting traffickers.




9. International Organizations
International organizations and NGOs play a key role in addressing human trafficking, working to raise awareness and advocate for stronger laws and policies.


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